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The Astrologer
The Astrologer Series contains over 190 characters in three distinct typefaces. Astrologer is based on the Western astrology system and contains the 12 zodiac & astrology symbols, planets, moons and charting signs; Celtic Astrologer is based on the Celtic astrology system and contains the 13 zodiacs and ruling planets as well as the ancient Druid writing known as Oghams; Chinese Zodiac is based on the Chinese horoscope system and contains the 12 zodiac symbols & written name as well as the 8 Trigrams.

The Astrologer BUNDLE

Astrologer - contains over 130 symbols based on the Western astrology system - it features the 12 zodiac signs, the 12 astrology symbols, the 12 corresponding planets, along with the 30 phases of the moon and charting signs. ...see all glyphs

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Astrologer Sampler

Celtic Astrologer - containing over 130 symbols, unlike traditional western zodiacs, the Celtic zodiac contains 13 signs instead of 12. This series contains the zodiacs, the planets as well as the Ogham numbers. ...see all glyphs

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Celtic Astrologer Sampler

Chinese Zodiacs - over 130 symbols featuring the 12 chinese zodiac symbols and written names, along with the 8 trigrams. ...see all glyphs

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Chinese Zodiacs Sampler

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