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Meso Americano
The Meso Americano Series contains over 235 characters in four distinct typefaces. The Aztec Day Signs are based on the 20 Days of the Mexican Calendar Stone; the monumental glyph style Maya Day Names contains the 20 day names of the Maya calendar as well as the 19 Maya numerals while the Maya Month Glyphs contains the 19 months in the Maya solar year as well as the 19 Maya numerals; Meso Deko includes over 90 characters and are based on the decorative symbols found on pottery and walls throughout Mexico and South America.

Meso Americano (4-Font Bundle)

Aztec Day Signs: contains the 20 Days of the Mexican Calendar Stone in outline and silhouette mode ...see more

Aztec Day Signs [$15] Buy Now

Aztec Day Signs Sampler

Maya Day Names: contains the 20 day names of the Mayan calendar as well as (in outline and silhouette mode) as well as the 19 Maya numerals. ...see more

Maya Day Names [$15] Buy Now

Maya Day Names Sampler

Maya Month Glyphs: contains the 19 months of the Mayan solar year (in outline and silhouette mode) as well as the 19 Maya numerals. ...see more

Maya Month Glyphs [$15] Buy Now

Maya Month Glyphs Sampler

Meso Deko: contains over 90 characters based on decorative symbols. ...see more

Meso Deko [$15] Buy Now

Meso Deko Sampler

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