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Still undeciphered?
The Phaistos series contains 47 unique characters based on the cryptichieroglyphic symbols depicted on the infamous Phaistos Disk. Measuring approximately 16cm in diameter, the Phaistos Disk was excavated in 1908 at the Minoan palace at Hagia Triada in Crete. The glyphs have not been conclusively deciphered to this day.
Both sides of the clay disk are imprinted with signs which have been stamped in a spiral fashion, grouped in sets of two to seven symbols divided by vertical lines.
There are a total of 241 symbols depicted on the disk, of which 45 are unique, depicting familiar objects like people, body parts, animals, weapons and plants.

Many attempts have been made to decipher the glyphs contained on the disk. Archeologists have yet to discover any other evidence of this unique writing system - in consideration of the work being conducted at this time, we're unable to provide an interpretation guide however we will continue to follow the progress being made and will share this information when it becomes available.


Phaistos Sampler
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  • Evidencefor Hellenic Dialect in the Phaistos Disk -- Steven R. Fischer
  • LinearB and Related Scripts (Reading the Past) ~ John Chadwick

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