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The Deniart RongoRongo series contains 292 unique symbols based on the inscriptions found on ancient tablets from Easter Island.

Many attempts have been made to decipher the script and efforts are continuing to this day. Unlike many writing systems of ancient times, rongorongo is a mixed script, not an alphabet nor a syllabic script.

There are approximately 120 basic rongorongo glyphs and these basic glyphs (main signs) are then affixed (prefixed, infixed, and suffixed), fused (one glyph atop another), and compounded. A "normal rongorongo glyph" can be a mixture of any of these. Each affix, for example a basic glyph of a person in a given position, like a arm pointing in a given direction, adds a different meaning and may change given the context in which it is positioned. As such, it can be said that there may be an almost indefinite number of combinations which in turn may give an indefinite number of meanings and we are not able to provide a translation guide at this time due to these complexities.


RongoRongo Sampler
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Resources of interest:

Rongorongo The Easter Island Script. History, Traditions, Textsby Steven Roger Fischer; Oxford University Press, 1997. 714 pp. 0-19-823710-3

Glyphbreaker by Steven Roger Fischer; Copernicus, New York, 1997. 234 pp. 0-387-98241-8

An Uncommon Guide to Easter Island by Georgia Lee, 1989

The Rock Art of Easter Island: Symbols of Power, Prayers to the Gods by Georgia Lee, 1992

Easter Island: The Ceremonial Center of Orongo by Alan Drake, 1992

We wish to acknowledge the assistance provided by the Easter Island Foundation in this project particularly related to locating sources of information and for their encouragement.

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Some Book Suggestions

  • Rongorongo: The Easter Island Script : History, Traditions, Texts (Oxford Studiesin Anthropological Linguistics, 14) -- Steven Roger Fischer
  • Glyphbreaker-- Steven Roger Fischer
  • EasterIsland Studies : Contributions to the History of Rapanui in Memoryof William T. Mulloy (Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology No 32) -- StevenR. Fischer (Editor)
  • EasterIsland : The Ceremonial Center of Orongo (Easter Island Series) --Alan Drake, Georgia Lee (Illustrator)
  • RockArt of Easter Island : Symbols of Power, Prayers to the Gods (MonumentaArchaeologica, Vol 17) -- Georgia Lee
  • AnUncommon Guide to Easter Island : Exploring Archaeological Mysteriesof Rapa Nui -- Georgia Lee

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